Biodegradable oils

Biodegradable oils
A complete range of biodegradable lubricants: chainsaw oils, hydraulic oils, two-stroke engine oils, biodegradable greases…

Biodegradable oils description

Why choose biodegradable oil for environmentally sensitive applications ?

We know that one drop of oil in 25 litres of water can render it unfit for consumption, so it is important to use biodegradable lubricants for applications in “sensitive” zones: forests, zones close to waterways and rivers, activities linked to farming and mountains as well as civil works in green spaces.

CONDAT biodegradable lubricants are specially formulated to be just as effective as standard lubricants. They allow you to:

  • Space out oil changes thanks to an excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Better protect your installations and the environment.

To formulate its environmentally friendly lubricants, CONDAT uses either vegetable oils (like rapeseed oil, sunflower oil…), or synthetic oils (synthetic esters) according to the required level of performance.

The CONDAT range of biodegradable lubricants meets very strict criteria and requirements in terms of biodegradability and toxicity. Certain products in the range also comply with the European ECOLABEL certification.

Product benefits

CONDAT offers high-technology products to ensure:

  • Excellent lubrication
  • Long fluid lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Products in the range

Biodegradable oils and fluids: eco-Friendly solutions for various applications

To reduce the environmental impact and protect the environment from accidental oil spills, CONDAT has developed a large range of biodegradable products:

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: