Biodegradable de-icing fluids and antifreeze

Biodegradable de-icing fluids and antifreeze
Range of biodegradable products to de-ice (curative) or prevent the formation of frost (preventive) in machines and installations: quarry / sand-pit conveyor belts, ski lifts


For problems of frost or ice, CONDAT has developed biodegradable de-icing and antifreeze fluids. Effective for preventive and curative treatment, these two de-icing oils in the BIO NATUR range are safe and easy to apply.

BIO NATUR GRIP is an exothermic dissolution, that is to say it gives the ice some of the calories it must take from the outside environment in order to melt. The dissolution of the ice or the frost is immediate.


Where to use de-icing fluids?

Antifreeze and de-icing oils can be used in particular on: ­

  • the conveyor belts always present in quarries / sand-pits and all other extraction industries. ­
  • conveyor belts, etc.
  • loading carpets, conveyors, station entrance rails in winter sports resorts...
  • tramway rails, ­
  • probes, lighting, electrical sensors, ­
  • pavements...

Making best use of de-icing fluids

  • Preventive use: in case of a forecast frost, product sprayed the day before, while the installations are still operating, will inhibit frost and ice taking hold on the machines. In preventive use, these antifreeze fluids will reduce downtime during the winter period.
  • Curative use: after uniform spraying on the support, the fluids will have a perfectly effective de-icing action, without the surface becoming slippery (in contrast to sodium chlorides or other products on the market)

Product benefits

  • Readytouse: very easy to spray with a portable or fixed sprayer
  • Preventive or curative use, to allow the right dosing of the quantity to be used, as well as an effective action. ­
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion: protecting your installations, in particular the parts in galvanised steel and other metals, as well as elastomers (gaskets)... thus reducing maintenance costs. ­
  • Biodegradable products, classed as non hazardous to the environment. They are formulated from renewable raw materials. ­
  • Neutral pH: preserving equipment and respecting its users: they are non-irritant and non hazardous for the skin.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants: