Round-baler chain oils

Round-baler chain oils
CHAIN BALLER MAX: Oil for lubrication of chains for round and cube balers, big balers.
Application fields


Filling up the tank of a big or round baler with an engine oil, a hydraulic oil, a chainsaw oil, or even a mixture of oil and fuel is still often the norm for farmers.

However, the use of an unsuitable lubricant can have serious consequences:

  • less-effective lubrication, with faster wear of transmissions and chains
  • a lubrication system that jams more easily
  • oilier chains, leading to more dust and quicker clogging
  • deterioration of bale wrapping by a product that can be aggressive

With this in mind, CONDAT has recently launched an oil specially developed for transmission chains for these agricultural machines: CHAIN BALLER MAX.


Specially formulated for the lubrication of chains for high-density round and cube balers, CHAIN BALLER MAX is intended for the lubrication of drive-chain links and is perfectly suited to different centralised on-board systems.

Further, in contrast to most mineral oils, CHAIN BALLER MAX does not attract dust and its fluidity has been studied to meet the specifications of most manufacturers of round and big balers. Its viscosity varies very little with temperature, also respecting the settings of the centralised system.

Product benefits

  • Developed from renewable vegetable raw materials,
  • Respect for the environment: biodegradable product according to OECD 301 B
  • Food industry: H1 2Probity approved
  • Good protection of chains against corrosion
  • Preserve the fodder quality
  • Not aggressive for bale-wrapping
  • Low chain clogging → reduction of fire risk

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.

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