Chainsaw oils

Chainsaw oils
Lubricants using different technologies for chainsaws: very adhesive and high-viscosity oils, biodegradable or not.
Application fields


Whether you are a professional or amateur woodcutter, if you use your chainsaw every day or just a few times a year, CONDAT has the lubricants you need!

Intended for harvesting chains or chainsaws, CONDAT has formulated numerous oils that meet all your needs:

  • more or less tacky oils
  • oils with a viscosity of 100 cSt to 220 cSt
  • biodegradable or mineral oils
  • ECOLABEL oils

They not only lubricate your chains but also protect them against wear.

Discover our range of suitable lubricants:

  • the FCT range with mineral technology: FCT PRO 22, FCT SP 15
  • the BIO NATUR CHAIN range,  biodegradable oils with synthetic or vegetable technologies, of which some have ECOLABEL approval


  • viscous and ultra-adhesive oils to adhere to guide chains, even at high rotation speeds. They provide better adhesion to the chains and reduced losses to the environment.
  • adhesive chainsaw oils to protect your chains against corrosion, wear.
  • high viscosity index
  • low pour point

Product benefits

  • limited consumption
  • maximum protection of chains
  • guaranteed pumpability even in cold weather
  • perfect lubrication, even at start, and in all seasons
  • effective under difficult conditions, hard woods, machines with very high rotation speeds...
  • increased equipment lifetime: guides, chains

Biodegradable oils

To meet environmental needs, CONDAT offers the BIO NATUR range. These very adhesive biodegradable oils meet the European criteria (Ecolabel and/or OECD 301B). They combine technical performance with ultimate biodegradability.

Available in different viscosities, you will find the oil and the technology that perfectly meets your needs!

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

In parallel, CONDAT suggests associated high-performance lubricants: