Lubricants for drilling

Lubricants and greases for drilling machines, coupling and drill pipe threads: EUROFOR® and TECHNIDRILL® approvals.

Drilling lubricant description

Which lubricant for drilling fluid?

Whether it is with a manual drill or a light and mobile drill, whether it is for excavating less than 10 metres or more, all soil drilling operations take place under difficult conditions and are tough on equipment.

Acknowledging the variety of drilling applications, it's crucial to choose the right drilling lubricant to ensure operational efficiency. According to the method used for drilling (coring, in-the-hole drilling, rotary) or the constraints encountered  (during water drilling, geothermal, quarry), CONDAT knows how to meet specific drilling needs in the mineral industry or for water drilling thanks to its effective products:

  • greases for threads and coupling of drill pipes: EUROFOR® and TECHNIDRILL® approved. Specially formulated based on a carefully chosen thickener, these greases offer exceptional ease of disassembly of drill pipes and guarantee a good return from your sites.
  • oils and greases for all the other lubrication points on the drilling machine

We can also offer engine oils for your equipment.


For work in sensitive zones, CONDAT offers its range of biodegradable lubricants.


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