Vertical direct chill casting mould oils

VDCasting mould oils
CONDAT has developed a range of speciality oils for the lubrication of aluminium moulds used in the primary aluminium industries
Application fields


Through its expertise in the different aluminium sectors, CONDAT has developed oils for the lubrication of aluminium moulds, for semi-continuous casting of ingots, bars and billets in all alloys of aluminium and its derivatives: the INGOT OIL range.

Of either semi-synthetic or 100% synthetic formulation, the range of oils for lubrication of ingot moulds can be applied:

  • by automatic spraying,
  • manually (with a brush or roller)

The INGOT OIL range is suitable for use in all systems for semi-continuous casting of moulds, as for example moulds with integrated oil circuits (bars or plates), or graphite stick technologies (for billets).


The INGOT OIL range has the following characteristics:

  • excellent fire-resistant properties
  • low smoke, even at high temperature
  • excellent protection of the mould surface against oxidation
  • oil viscosities adapted to the lubrication system

Product benefits

  • Excellent surface finish for the aluminium parts
  • Reduction of maintenance costs (cleanliness of moulds, protection against oxidation)
  • Protection of workers (fire-resistance and low smoke)
  • Ease of spraying, saving time for the user

Technical assistance

CONDAT will assist you in the choice of the oil most suited to your needs in ingot-mould lubrication. Do not hesitate to contact our Technical Assistance for more information.