Soil consolidation

Soil consolidation
Organic reagents for the preparation of silicate gel with a view to improving the mechanical properties of soils.


Consolidation is intended to increase the mechanical resistance of the soil. This consolidation can be used on its own or in combination with other grouts, such as fine cements or micro-cements.

Consolidation is carried out by injection of silicate grout, which once injected increases the compressive strengh of the soils up to 10 MPa.

Reagents in the CONDAT STAB range:

  • CONDAT STAB 0.10: for temperatures between 0 and 10°C
  • CONDAT STAB 10.30: for temperatures between 10 and 30°C
  • CONDAT STAB 30.50: for temperatures between 30 and 50°C

Product benefits

Sodium silicate grouts neutralised with CONDAT STAB have several advantages:

  • Very low viscosity and penetration of fine soils
  • Setting times adjustable for ease of use
  • Resistance to compression adjustable up to 10 MPa

Product ranges