Waterproofing by soil injection

Waterproofing by soil injection
CONDAT solutions for improving soil waterproofing during underground works. Use of neutralised sodium silicate grouts.


The waterproofing grout can be used before the following work:

  • underground car parks
  • underground railway stations
  • start-up shafts
  • intermediate or exit shafts
  • safety galleries between tunnels...

In such cases, waterproofing is achieved with soft gels such as CONDAT STAB SOFT. After injection, the treated ground can show permeabilities of less than 10-8 m/s. Soft gels bring cohesion to the soil, without significantly increasing the mechanical resistance.

Product benefits

CONDAT STAB SOFT is a reagent showing the following advantages:

  • Biodegradable and non toxic for aquatic environments
  • setting times compatible with the injection constraints