High-quality and easy to use, CONDAMIX mixer shows optimum precision. The CONDAMIX mixer is a quality dilution and dosing system.
Application fields


The CONDAMIX system is based on the principle of proportionality between the passage of water and the product to be added.

The proportions are controlled using a hydro-pneumatic or electronic unit, with modification by keyboard and direct read-out of concentration. This unit emits pneumatic pulses with the passage of a very precise volume of water. Each pneumatic pulse corresponds to the injection of product equivalent to the passage of 500 ml of water.

The selected product is injected with each pulse by a special piston pump, with capacity depending on the chosen precision.


Solution flow rate 100 – 3000 litres/hour
Concentrations 0–2 % or 0–5 % or 0–20 % or 0–30 %
Mains water pressure Min 0.5 bar - Max 10 bar
Compressed air pressure Min 3 bar - Max 8 bar
Dimensions H = 500 mm L= 500 mm W= 200 mm

Product benefits

  • Easy to use and install
  • Distribution with oil/water mixture near machines or pressurised distribution from a buffer tank
  • Precise and easy dosing control
  • High precision of the blend over time
  • Very uniform oil/water mixture
  • Possible to vary the dose by changing the dosing pump

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