Graphite-free swabbing – Container glass

Graphite-free swabbing
Graphite-free swabbing grease for the container glass industry. CONDAGLASS range for blank, neck ring and blow molds.
Application fields


CONDAGLASS 400 is the first swabbing solution designed without graphite for the container glass industry. This lubricant perfectly suits the industrial requirements for small glass packaging manufacturing.

Graphite-free means a lot in your glass bottle manufacturing process! Indeed, removing graphite and the black aspect of the grease can lead to less transfers on glass ware (bottles, glass containers for food or cosmetics), thus reducing your automatic rejects after greasing. As a result, glass manufacturers generate less waste and observe immediate productivity gains.

Eliminating graphite has been only possible thanks to the high demoulding performance of CONDAGLASS 400. CONDAT R&D department worked on this new formula for about 2 years and the challenge was to reach the same performances as the graphited products commonly used on blank mold applications, which are nowadays the market standard.

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Product benefits

  • Increase productivity with a decrease of automatic rejects after swabbing
  • Reduce consumption with a higher product stability in hot processes
  • Provide a better working environment for operators
  • Less fumes and smokes
  • Provide a cleaner working environment
  • Ease maintenance of the molds
  • No hazardous pictogram on SDS
  • Limit fire risk

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.