Coolant fluids for grinding - Flat glass

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CONDAGLASS FA coolant fluids for the grinding, drilling, machining of flat glass: improve the bite of the grinders and reduce clogging
Application fields


CONDAT offers a large range of coolants for the flat glass industry: CONDAGLASS FA. These are concentrated lubricants to be diluted before use, to improve the process of grinding, drilling and machining glass. Associated with the dilution water, they having a cooling power on the tools (grinders, drills) and allow for elimination of glass fragments.

Their high lubricity ensures quality grinding by removal of fine particles, resulting in a regular and clean surface. The bite and tool changes are improved.

Our formulators work continuously to improve ease of use for operators. CONDAGLASS FA products are:

  • non irritant,
  • non sensitising,
  • not classed as hazardous according to European legislation

Without mineral oil, they are free from hazardous molecules (DEA, nitrites, formaldehyde-releasing bactericides...).


  • Architectural: glass for buildings, mirrors, furniture
  • Automotive: windscreens, side windows and sunroofs, headlamp optics
  • Electronics: touch screens
  • Military, aerospace...

Product benefits

  • 100 % synthetic, without mineral oil
  • Excellent wetting power
  • High detergent power to reduce clogging of grinders and maintain the grinding bite
  • Lubricity allowing for energy savings and reduction in wear on parts
  • Low foaming in soft and hard water
  • Limit machine corrosion
  • Very agreeable to use, faint odour
  • Some lines are free from boron
  • Compatible with centrifugation systems
  • Compatible with the flocculants and coagulants of our FCV range.

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.