Lubricants for flat glass

Flat glass
Complete range of lubricants for working with flat glass: cutting, grinding, glass protection, marking, flocculation…


CONDAT offers lubrication solutions for the different steps of flat glass processing, from the float glass production up to finished products such as window glass, windscreens, household electrical goods...

In the flat glass industry, quality requirements are high, automotive and architectural glass must be perfect to meet increasingly severe technical specifications.
In the float glass plant, these constraints mean a high level of requirements for the following operations:

  • Cutting, cuts must be perfectly clean
  • Grinding, for regular edges and an irreproachable visual appearance

In addition, there are particularly difficult temperature and humidity conditions to cope with.

CONDAT offers a complete range of lubricants and equipment to meet the requirements of each step of flat glass production.

Float glass

Cutting after Float glass cooldown section

For this process of cutting flat float glass cutting, we offer vanishing oils of different viscosities with evaporation speeds adapted to all glass thicknesses and temperatures. Our CONDAGLASS VP range has been approved by all the large flat glass groups.

Evaporation speed, suitable viscosity and good cutting properties without leaving a residue are the key features of our CONDAGLASS VP range.

Glass protection

Further into the cycle of flat glass production, the protection of glass plates during transport is also our concern. CONDAT has developed interleavant powders to avoid friction between the glass sheets and also corrosion of the glass under severe humidity conditions.

You will certainly find the interleavant powders you need in our CONDAGLASS PF range, using different chemistries (PMMA, adipic acid, PE...) and with varying grain sizes.

Flat glass

Flat glass cutting

To best satisfy our processing customers (automotive, architectural, mirror manufacturers...), we offer either the CONDAGLASS VP range of vanishing cutting oils, or the CONDAGLASS N range of washable cutting oils.

These 2 ranges allow for clean cuts without leaving residues with dedicated viscosities.

Flat glass processing

Thanks to our chemical and mechanical knowledge, our coolants are perfectly adapted to optimising the performance of grinders and drillers while meeting health and safety requirements.

Our coolants are grouped under the name CONDAGLASS FA.

Flocculation of glass particles

To limit your lubricant consumption, a closed circuit with treatment of glass particles is recommended. The glass particles produced during grinding are extracted continuously by flocculation. We offer customised solutions according to your equipment and your needs.

Our CONDAGLASS FCV range of flocculants and coagulants includes different chemistries and applications.


Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment  suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

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