Lubricants for container glass

Container glass
Complete range of lubricants for container glass (packaging and tableware): shear spray, scoop and delivery, deflectors, mould release


CONDAT is a major supplier of lubricants for container glass intended:

  • for packaging:
    bottles for wine, water, beer, soda, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food jars...
  • for tableware :
    glasses, kitchenware, decoration, crystal…

CONDAT provides solutions mainly for the hot end sector: from formation of the gob up to the annealing lehr.

Shear spray

Your objective: to obtain a regular gob. Shear spray operation is certainly the first and most important step in achieving that. There are major constraints: the soluble oil must lubricate the blades to leave no marks.

Our BIOGLASS cutting oils meet these constraints perfectly, along with parameters of speed, recycling and biostability.



There are numerous ways to lubricate the deflectors (scoop and delivery), considering the equipment or the type of lubricant used.

GLASS DL oils can be of mineral or synthetic origin, they have high lubricity. In certain cases, a soluble BIOGLASS oil can be envisaged.

CONDAT will recommend a suitable oil depending on your constraints and your equipment.


An easily applied coating, resistant to the passing of gobs and the hot atmosphere, is necessary for maximum productivity. The coating obtained with our dual-component RESIGRAPH resin allows transport of the gobs at constant speed towards the moulds for several weeks.


Molds greasing

Greasing the moulds is a fundamental step in obtaining perfect glass products. Whether it is for tableware with sprayed or manually applied graphite oils, or for packaging glass with mould-release greases applied by swab, the choice of the right product is essential.

Our range of CONDAGLASS swabbing mold-compounds allows you to find the most suitable product.

IS maintenance

Our glass-making customers wanted us to enlarge our range of maintenance products to include the requirements of IS Individual Section machines.

Certain parts of these IS Individual Section machines must be lubricated continuously under high temperature and severe constraints conditions.

For these centralised lubrication circuits we have developed a high-performance synthetic oil, GLASS HTS 250.

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