Shear spray oils

Shear spray oils
BIOGLASS soluble cutting oils: shear spray lubricants for scissor blades and the cutting of gobs of molten glass. Used in the container glass industry.
Application fields


The blades or shears that cut the glass gobs (1 150°C) must be permanently lubricated. A solution/emulsion of soluble oil and water is sprayed continuously on these blades. While the water (99% of the blend) is there to cool the scissors, shears the BIOGLASS oil ensures their lubrication.

Good lubrication eliminates cutting lines and prevents molten glass sticking to the tools. It also reduces wear on the shears and in consequence their replacement frequency.

Our shear spray lubricants also allow, under certain conditions, lubrication of scoop and delivery operations.

CONDAT offers BIOGLASS, a complete range of aqueous fluids to meet your needs.

Product benefits

  • Concentrated products needing a low working concentration (0.1 – 0.8%) → economic
  • Can be used as lost oils or recycled so as to reduce consumption of products and water
  • Very stable when diluted
  • Can be used in soft or medium-hard water (TH 20°F = 200 ppm of CaCO3)
  • High lubricity
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Low residue on the machine, feeder, delivery → clean environment
  • Reduction or elimination of plugging of spraying system, nozzles sprayer blockages
  • 100% synthetic products or mixed with mineral oils

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants and a complementary range of biocides.