Lubricants for cutting flat glass

Cutting lubricants - Flat glass
CONDAGLASS VP cutting fluids: lubricants for cutting on continuous float lines, flat glass and automatic tables.
Application fields


CONDAT has developed a range of cutting fluids that can be used directly on the continuous float glass line (lateral and transverse cuts) as well as for cutting operations on flat glass: the CONDAGLASS VP range

In the Condaglass VP range, you will find the cutting fluid adapted to your processes (installation, type of glass, thickness…) thanks to optimised viscosities and evaporation speeds ensuring precise and clean cuts.

We also offer the CONDAGLASS N range used by “architectural and automotive” industries. These oils are easily removed by washing with water under pressure and leave no residue.

Product benefits

  • Total evaporation, leaving no residue thanks to the selection of highly refined raw materials
  • No incompatibility with glass and machines
  • Good lubrication of the rollers
  • Evaporation range from room temperature up to 80°C
  • Viscosity adapted to ensure good wettability of the glass and penetration in the line of cut
  • Table cutting oils compatible with coated glass, leaving no trace

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.