Machining / cutting fluids

Machining / cutting fluids
A complete range of lubricants intended for machining by swarf removal, for all metals.
Application fields


CONDAT has developed a complete range of lubricants to meet your needs for machining by swarf removal and the associated constraints:

  • Quality of the parts
  • Economic gains
  • Health, Safety and Environmental criteria

We provide solutions to reduce your overall costs:

  • Improve productivity, improve the Overall Equipment Efficiency
  • Increase the lifetime of tools
  • Increase the lifetime of lubricants / space out oil changes, and reduce waste
  • Reduce the personnel costs associated with lubricants (interventions / oil changes / maintenance...)

CONDAT offers its large range of lubricants, for individual or central machining tools:

  • Mineral-based neat oils for machining: CONDACUT
  • Vegetable-based neat oils for machining: NEAT GREEN
  • Lubricants for Micro-Lubrication, MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication): GREEN FLUX
  • Mineral-based water-soluble oils: POLYBIO
  • Vegetable-based water-soluble oils: MECAGREEN
  • Synthetic water-soluble oils, solutions: CONDACOOL


Our lubricants are specially designed to respect health, safety and the environment. They thus contribute to:

  • improvement of working conditions
  • minimising your environmental impact

Associated services

CONDAT offers various services:

  • Lubricant audits, recommendations
  • Analyses in the laboratory
  • Equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.