Lubricants for the drawing of prestressed concrete and stranded wires

Prestressed concrete and stranded wires
Lubricants for drawing wires for prestressed concrete, PC (Prestressed Concrete) wire, strongly alloyed with carbon.


Wire for prestressed concretePC (Prestressed Concrete) wire, is made from steels strongly alloyed with carbon. After the wire-drawing operations, they can be braided.

The market for wires and strands for prestressed concrete is subject to standards (national approvals). These wires, characterised by their wide diameters, are generally drawn after de-scaling and deposit of a reactive surface coating of the phosphating type.


The market for PC wire is highly competitive. The lubricants used must provide an ever higher level of productivity in terms of:

  • consumption of product
  • speed of wire drawing
  • lifetime of tools

The wires and strands can be subject to a light heat treatment which has no consequence on the choice of lubricant.


The wire drawing powders used are characterised by their high capacity to resist strong deformation constraints.

Recommendations regarding these powders, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.

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