Lubricants for the drawing of construction cables

Construction wires
Lubricants for drawing metallic wires intended for construction: ribbed wires, wires formed in welded mesh or beams, wires for making fibres for concrete.


For drawing metallic wires intended for construction, the steel machine wire, with low carbon content, is generally roughly de-scaled by bending then laminated in rollers, ribbed or not.

Certain wires can be drawn in the same conditions of surface preparation.

Wires intended for making fibres for concrete are drawn at very high speed from a wire with a very carefully prepared surface, with a non-reactive surface coating (TS range) applied online.


Lubrication intended for cold rolling applications must ensure:

  • lubrication in the rollers,
  • sliding of the wire in the capstan
  • a relatively clean wire surface, compatible with welding.

Lubricants intended for wire drawing must ensure low residues.


For rolling, soap-based dry lubricants are used. Good management of the soap dispensers means that the grain size of the powder is sufficiently fine to ensure:

  • a good lubricity and covering of the wire
  • a long lifetime in the soap dispensers where the soap powder mixes with the scale, sometimes humid, that is detached from the wire

We recommend the use of CONDABRUSH© spiral brushes following bending to wipe off the maximum amount of residual scale, to minimise contamination of the powders used.

For  wire drawing, the lubricants used are different powders, adapted to the metal-forming conditions: speed, reduction in section, cooling system, etc...

Recommendations regarding these powders, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.


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