Lubricants for drawing wires for electroplating

Wires for electroplating
Lubricants for drawing wires for electroplating, to give very clean and shiny wires.


Wires for electroplating are made of steel with a low or medium carbon content, with surface characteristics of cleanliness and shine that allow for metallic coatings giving an immediate aesthetic appearance.

Custom made, the metallurgical specifications may change while keeping the same objective: a very clean wire or easy to clean, smooth and shiny.


These wires require a particularly complex fit between machine and lubricant.

The wires must retain their visual characteristics during transport and storage and in particular have an excellent anti-corrosion protection.


Surface preparation and lubricants must be considered together, to meet each set of technical specifications.

Powders based on soluble soaps (easily cleaned), liquid lubricants or  pastes allow for work at the limits of lubrication to aim for a polishing effect on the wire by the die.

Recommendations regarding these lubricants, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.

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