Lubricants for the drawing of ACSR cables – Aluclad wires

ACSR cables – Aluclad wires
Powder-type lubricants, for drawing Aluclad wires intended for ACSR (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced) cables for high-voltage electrical lines.


The supports for high-voltage electrical lines are cables with high mechanical resistance made of high alloyed steel wires covered in aluminium.

The drawing of these special wires requires lubricants adapted to the metal-forming constraints peculiar to aluminium.


For drawing Aluclad wires intended for ACSR cables (Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced), CONDAT offers a range of suitable lubricants.

In the form of very fine powders with a high soap content, these lubricants ensure perfect lubrication of the particularly smooth surface of the drawn aluminium. Powders intended for drawing these wires may contain additives that reduce the friction coefficient, minimise heating of the metal, and ensure maximum speed of wire drawing.

CONDAT neat oils are used for the aluminium alloy wires that make up these cables. These lubricants are formulated to ensure both maximum performance levels (speed of drawing vs lifetime of the dies) and a perfect surface quality.

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