Lubricants for the drawing of cable wires

Cable wires
Lubricants for drawing wires for structural, mooring or lifting cables.


Wires for structural, mooring or lifting cables are made from steels strongly alloyed with carbon. These wires may be galvanised.

The cable market is regulated by standards. The wires used have a wide range of diameters and are generally drawn after chemical de-scaling and deposit of a reactive surface coating of the phosphating type. After heat treatment, a new surface treatment or hot galvanisation, they are drawn again, generally with soluble lubricants.


The lubricants used must provide an ever-higher level of quality and productivity:

  • consumption of product
  • speed of wire drawing
  • lifetime of tools

The temperature of drawing is a critical parameter which has an influence on the mechanical characteristics of the wires and hence the cables made from them.

The drawing of galvanised wires is made difficult by the characteristics of zinc: low melting point, malleability.

Wiping of zinc on the galvanisation line can be done with a charcoal powder with additives.  The additives must ensure regular smoothing of the layer of zinc.


Wires in strongly alloyed steel, galvanised, are very difficult to draw at high speed. The CONDAT range meets your technical constraints:

  • The wire drawing powdersused are characterised by their high capacity to resist strong deformation constraints, very particular with zinc-coated wires.
  • The charcoals contain no oil and do not give off toxic smoke linked to the combustion of the powder on the zinc surface.
  • The soluble lubricants are very high performance emulsions of fats

Recommendations regarding these lubricants, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.

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