Lubricants for drawing galvanised wires

Galvanised wires
Lubricants for drawing galvanised wires: manufacture of wire mesh, fences, binders…


Hot galvanised wires are used for manufacture of wire mesh and fences, while electro-galvanised wires are for indoor uses such as  binders, and staples.

The wires are generally drawn at high speed after mechanical de-scaling, and then galvanised.

Hot galvanised wires are rarely drawn. Electro-galvanised wires, however, are drawn using liquids that conserve the smooth and shiny appearance of these wires.


These wires have low added value, so the search for productivity has pushed this industry towards higher speeds.

The products used must be compatible with galvanisation lines that are also increasingly rapid, knowing also that they include modern heat treatment techniques (fluidised beds).


For drawing wires intended for galvanisation, we recommend the use of CONDABRUSH© spiral brushes following bending, to remove the maximum amount of residual scale, ensuring increased die lifetime.

The powdered wire-drawing lubricants used are characterised by their ability to withstand strong reduction. They ensure an excellent lifetime for tools at the highest drawing speeds.

Recommendations regarding these lubricants, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.


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