Lubricants for drawing spring wires

Spring wires
Lubricants for drawing wires intended for industrial springs, mattress springs…


Wires for industrial springsmattress springs, are produced from steels with a medium to high carbon content. These wires can also be galvanised or made from stainless steel.

Industrial springs exist in all shapes and sizes. The wires used have a wide range of diameters and are produced by specialist companies.

Steel wires are first drawn after chemical or mechanical de-scaling followed by a surface coating. Small-diameter wires can be wet drawn and are sometimes galvanised.

Drawing of wires intended for making mattress springs is increasingly performed by the spring manufacturer. The wire is treated and drawn inlineat high speed, using high-performance equipment.


The surface coatings and lubricants used must provide an ever-higher level of quality and productivity:

  • speed of wire drawing
  • lifetime of tools

Consistent shaping of the spring is an essential characteristic. At the same time, the residual lubricant left on the wire during drawing must not cause clogging of the tools and the spring-making machines.


The wire drawing lubricants used are characterised by their high capacity to resist strong deformation constraints. In general they are very adhesive powder lubricants that leave a very regular, thin and slippery residual film

Recommendations regarding these lubricants, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.

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