Drawing of wires for metallic reinforcement of rubber

Wires for metallic reinforcement of rubber
Lubricants for drawing wires intended for metallic reinforcement of tyres, belts and tubes.


Wires intended for metallic reinforcement of tyres, belts and tubes are made with steels very strongly alloyed with carbon, covered in brass.

These wires are drawn down to very fine diameters, braided, then formed into sheets which are coated with elastomers.


A very large and highly competitive market, with very strong approval constraints: automotive tyres are safety parts.

Very careful  preparation of the wire is needed to ensure maximum quality and productivity.

The machine wire is first drawn with powder lubricants. The lubricants used must provide an ever-higher level of quality and productivity:

  • consumption of product
  • speed of wire drawing
  • lifetime of tools
  • surface quality
  • mechanical characteristics of the wires

The wires are then brass coated and wet drawn.


Surface preparation is one performance factor that can be modified, in association with wire-drawing powders, in order to develop very high drawing speeds.

The soluble lubricants for wet drawing of the fine brass coated wires are emulsions or dispersions that resist contamination by copper or zinc caused by the layer of brass.

Recommendations regarding these lubricants, adapted to the equipment used, can be provided by our technical team on simple request.

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