Condacan spraying canes

Condacan spraying canes
Condacan spraying canes for soluble oils, with or without graphite. Various applications: forging, foundry and pressure casting.
Application fields


CONDACAN 080TS and TR are aluminium spraying canes with one or two straight nozzles turned at 90° for use with all types of Condat fluid products, whether neat or in aqueous phase, and with or without graphite. The use of CONDACAN 080TS or TR can be completely autonomous given their light weight, or they can be used in addition to a pumping system.

Directly connected to air and product feed via the handle. The product must be under pressure to feed the handle, except for canes without nozzles (Condacan America). The quantity of product and the spraying angle on the part, matrix or assembly is directly proportional to the “Product” flow setting, using the screw on the handle, and the compressed air pressure (from 4 to 10 bar).canne-pulverisation-forge-fonderie-moulage


Product benefits

  • Simple, robust and light canes
  • Diversity of the range
  • Many different nozzles available

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