Powder spraying

Powder spraying
Unique system developed by CONDAT for spraying ceramic-based powder.
Application fields


This equipment consists of a venturi pump. Installed on the powder tank, the tube in the air-powder mixture allows for aspiration of the powder in suspension, with the aid of compressed air in the tank, to propel it into the powdering circuit (transport).


  • Aspiration tube
  • Pump body
  • Injector
  • Venturi
  • Two air inlets

The two air inlets called “dosing air” and “additional air” have clearly defined roles.
The dosing air: sets the flow rate of powder that the gun must spray to ensure coating of the part.

The additional or transport air: ensures sufficient air speed to obtain regular flow of the powder through the tube up to the gun. It is required when the dosing air is set to a low value.

Product benefits

  • Permanent suspension of the powder
  • Setting of the volume to be sprayed
  • Large capacity

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