Automatic industrial gun

Automatic industrial gun
CONDAT offers an automatic industrial gun, easy to use and effective for lubrication of pressure casting machines.


Automatic industrial gun intended for pressure casting applications such as: pressure moulding, liquid separation, robotic equipment.



  • Liquid flow: Can be set using a flow constriction screw
  • Air pressure: Min. 4 - Max. 8 bar
  • Liquid pressure: Min. 4 - Max. 8 bar (Z version: 0.5-1 bar)
  • Air control pressure: Min. 4 - Max. 8 bar
  • Jet model: conical - flat - stick - angles 30 - 45 - 60 or 90°
  • Direction of spray: can be set using a universal mount that can be equipped with an optional base.

Product benefits

  • No human intervention thanks to automatic air control
  • Light and compact gun
  • Wide choice of nozzles
  • Flow rate can be set using a grub screw
  • Low purchase and maintenance cost

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