Aqueous graphite lubricants

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Aqueous graphite lubricants intended for steel and aluminium forging, aqueous graphite fluids for hot, warm forging…
Application fields


For hot and warm forging, CONDAT offers a large variety of water-based graphite lubricants or emulsions of graphite oils that can be diluted in water. These products lead to a cleaner working environment than with graphite oils, and with equivalent performance levels.

The CONDAFORGE and CONDAFORGE AL range of aqueous graphite lubricants is in the form of dispersions of natural or synthetic graphite in water.

  • Concentrated products to be diluted using standard dilution equipment or a dosing system
  • Ready-for-use lubricants

With a large variety of concentrations (dry extracts) and graphite particles of different sizes, Condat lubricants cover all the operations of stamping, die forging, drawing, extrusion... for steel, aluminium, titanium and brass.

In partnership with French and international universities, our laboratories develop tests to reproduce conditions of use and formulate optimal solutions in terms of both lubricating properties and adhesion to the matrices.

CONDAT can assist you in the choice of aqueous graphite lubricants. Contact us.


The CONDAFORGE is intended for forging steels and the CONDAFORGE AL range for aluminium forging operations such as:

  • Aeronautical parts or structural parts
  • Car chassis parts: steering knuckles, triangles...

Product benefits

  • Excellent lubrication, separation and mould-release properties
  • Low build up of the dies and tool wear, low residues thanks to the use of very pure graphite
  • Grain size of graphites from sub-micron to several tens of microns (up to 50 µm)
  • Excellent coverage of tools over a wide range of temperatures
  • Increased or preserved lifetime for tools
  • Stability of concentrates in storage – absence of sedimentation
  • Without heavy metals
  • Easy to dilute
  • Economic
  • Odourless – without ammonia
  • Non flammable

Associated services

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants:

In parallel, CONDAT suggests its range of complementary oils: