Calcium sulfonate greases – The best grease for lubrication

You have already heard about Calcium sulfonate greases, but you do not really understand how this technology can benefit your process.

  • Is a calcium grease better than a polyurea grease or lithium grease?
  • How resistant is a calcium sulfonate grease to shocks, loads?
  • What temperature can this type of grease resist?
  • Can it absorb water and keeps its consistency?
  • What is severe duty calcium sulfonate grease?
  • What is it made of?…

Condat, expert in industrial greases manufacturing for more than 170 years, is the best to answer all your questions. Download here below our document to understand how a calcium sulfonate complex grease works, and how Condat Millenium greases technology can help you! Compare also their performance versus conventional or polyurea greases.

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