Machining lubricants – For responsible performance

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Are you looking to reduce your machining lubricant costs? CONDAT can help you reduce your fluid consumption and minimise wear on your tools. Substantial savings can be made by reducing the number of tool replacements and your maintenance downtime!

And even if the budget is important, it must not compromise the quality of life at work of your operators! So you need lubricants with an excellent Health, Safety and Environment profile, boron-free, bactericide-free, amine-free, formaldehyde-free… and why not plant ester-based!

CONDAT knows all about the industrial constraints of your machining and metalworking operations. That’s why we offer you one of the widest ranges on the market: soluble lubricants with a synthetic, vegetable or mineral base; neat oils with a vegetable or refined mineral base; and even oils approved for very specific applications, such as machining aeronautical parts.

Would you like to find out more about our range of products for the machining industry? Download our documentation!

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