Steel industry – Achieving fire resistance excellence

Application fields

In the demanding environment of steel industry, where extreme temperatures prevail, ensuring the safety of operators and equipment while protecting the environment is paramount.

Discover the CCONDAT philosophy in 4 points and how it can best serve you:

  • For people and equipment: our lubricants possess fire resistance and self-extinguishing properties, ensuring enhanced safety
  • Extending equipment longevity: Experience excellent lubrication performance and increase the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Reducing maintenance costs: Benefit from oxidation resistance and increased service life  for lubricants, leading to cost savings
  • Environmental protection: Our products are non-toxic and biodegradable, safeguarding workers and the ecosystem.

With only one supplier, you can find hydraulic fluids and greases suitable for various steel operations, including steelmaking plant, continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling, and more. Our lubricants cater to a wide range of equipment such as electrical arc furnace, ladle furnace, ladle axles and turret, cooling bed, torch cutting, reheating furnace, coiler bearings, work rolls bearings, couplings, spindles… and so much more!

You want to explore what CONDAT can offer? Download our documentation!

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