- Le 08/01/2019

InGot Lubes

For the primary aluminum manufacturing processes, CONDAT offers dedicated and high quality greases. Formulated to suit different types of Vertical Direct Chill (VDC) molds, including those of high length, CONDAT INGOT LUBE greases have proven to be the right solution to guarantee the quality of plates and billets.

Formulated with various adherence, they are compatible on all alloys from series 1000 to 8000, including series 7000 (aeronautics). CONDAT INGOT LUBES ensure lower consumption, less fumes and easier cleaning. The quality surface of the plates on long length is significantly improved. The INGOT LUBE range reduces non-compliance thanks to the absence of contamination of the alloys during casting. Ready-to-use, they can be applied in thin coat by roller.

See photo enclosed : Thanks to various adherence, CONDAT INGOT LUBES are compatible on all alloys from series 1000 to 8000