- Le 12/02/2021

FORGING PROCESS – Lubricant dilution ratio

The correct dosage of lubricant is a crucial step in your forging process. Indeed, several problems can occur in case of over or under dosage: risk of clogging, degradation of your tools, over consumption, etc.

To optimize the application and consumption of our lubricants, there are several ways that you can measure the dilution ratio of your forging lube.

You can either use visual and digital refractometers that measure the amount of light that passes through the solids. They should only be used with completely soluble products and are not suitable with graphite solutions.

Conductivity Meters that can be used on pigmented and synthetics lubricants. They are only as good as the water being used to dilute the concentrate

Hydrometers on their side measures the relative density of a liquid, whereas Moisture Analyzer Scales measure the moisture content in both high levels and trace amounts in solids and liquids.

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