- Le 15/03/2021


In order to provide our customers a better readability on our eco-designed offer, we have set up a self-rating system : the LUBRISCORE®.

Discover our vegetable based oil EXTRUGLISS A 68 G dedicated for the cold heading process.

Rated 2 stars on Lubriscore, this cold heading oil ensures lower mist and smokes, and is free of chlorine. EXTRUGLISS A 68 G oil has a reduced impact on the environment and gives operators a friendly working environment.

Performance is also fulfilled as it improves productivity and tool life, while allowing to provide both superior lubrication characteristics to machinery, as well as outstanding lubrication for your cold heading process thanks to its dual purpose property.

As a vegetable based oil, this product does not contain mineral based oil, thus avoiding tax due for import in many regions (such as UTIF, for eg, in Italy).

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