- Le 17/05/2021

Save 50% automatic rejects after swabbing

CONDAGLASS 397 Success story

Asian glass bottle manufacturer saved 50% automatic rejects after swabbing CONDAGLASS 397

Lastest example of the CONDAGLASS 397 great high efficiency occurred in Asia. The company concerned is specialized in the production of light amber bottles used for energy drinks. For many years, this company had been using a highly graphited swabbing grease for every mold in their 10 sections triple gobs IS Machines. Production yield was correct, but they were looking for more.

After analyzing the glass items manufactured and the material used for the mold, CONDAT glass experts, suggested to test CONDAGLASS 397, a lower graphited swabbing grease dedicated to the release of small glass containers.

The product shows indeed excellent wetting properties, while keeping good gob loading. Thanks to its high quality and minimum amount of graphite, CONDAGLASS 397 helped the company to reduce the number of automatic rejects by 50% after swabbing.

Less graphite also means less build-up! An essential feature which helped the company decrease its swabbing frequency by 33%  and shorten the maintenance downtime of the molds !




Over a year, this company could save more than 8 million bottles, together with a significant decrease of the swabbing grease consumption.

But that not all! Besides productivity, safety was improved too!. Less swabbing operations led to decrease the risk of operators’ injuries. Productivity gains combined with a safer working environment, this is what CONDAT calls Responsible Performance.

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