- Le 27/05/2021

NEW POLYBIO 650 AL: aeronautical machining oil

For your machining operations on aeronautical aluminium alloys, discover our high performance soluble oil POLYBIO 650 AL. Meeting the standards of major aeronautical contractors ((#Airbus, #Safran), it includes a package of innovative additives that enhances its lubricity. Efficient at low concentration, it improves surface finishes and reduces scrap to optimize your overall costs.

POLYBIO 650 AL is boron-free, amine-free and has a more neutral pH to provide a healthier working environment to your team. Its eco-designed formula, rated 1 star at our self-assessment system Lubriscore®, contributes to reduce your environmental impact.

Video below points its high resistance to foaming and its high detergency for clean machines and parts!



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