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Ageing machinery? Your equipment is difficult to maintain and you’ve noticed some oil leaks on your Independent Section (IS) machine? Consequences can be severe: increase of your hydraulic fluid consumption, wear and tear on mechanisms as less lubricating oil is used in the given area, even pollution or fire risks are at stake.

IS machines are essential equipment for container glass items manufacturing and play a key role in your plant productivity. They can run 24h/7 in difficult conditions to produce a specific bottle shape. That’s why maintaining your IS machine park is so important.

Perfectly understanding your technical issues, CONDAT has worked in the development of IS machine fluids with high requirements: efficiency, quality, and safety. CONDAT IS machine fluids are formulated with synthetic oils and specific additives to provide the best lubrication performances. All across the world several international groups already chose CONDAT for the supply of their machine fluids.

High performance products

Protect IS machines mechanisms against scale and wear is the main objective of CONDAT GLASS HT product range. These fluids have excellent thermal resistance and so last longer. Depending on customers’ requirements, CONDAT offers different solutions based on their lubrication performances and additives package.

Lubricants that ensure SAFETY

Operators and plant safety are critical. Every element in the IS machine must be perfectly designed to avoid any security breach. Operators running controls, maintenance, and swabbing actions must always work in a safe environment. With high flash points, CONDAT GLASS HT lubricant solutions help to reduce fire risk. These formulations are also FREE of heavy metals, chlorine, and solvents, thus offering a better working environment for operators.


Used to work in a dark and hot environment, it is very difficult for operators to notice oil leaks. Risks can be various:  operators may get in direct contact with the fluids or parts of your machines (especially molds) can get polluted by the leak.

CONDAT GLASS HT lubricants are formulated with UV trackers allowing them to identify leaks only in a couple of minutes, instead of usually hours or even days. Blue or yellow, this UV dyes enable operators to act and secure the environment immediately.

The repair eliminates possible contact with operators and machine equipment, limits over-consumption of IS machine fluid and reduces wear and tear on mechanisms.

A complete range suited to your needs

2021 is, for CONDAT, a year of brand-new solutions for IS machines fluids. 3 new lubricants freshly joined the product range. Additive package, product viscosity, UV trackers and raw materials were the parameters on which CONDAT R&D laboratories worked to develop a full range of solutions matching industrial needs. Even for low viscosity requirement due to IS machines specific parameters or due to the cold winter temperatures in specific areas, CONDAT has the right solution for you.


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