- Le 15/04/2022

How to increase your wire drawing dies life?

For many wire drawing producers, die is an important consumable product as it can impact the wire drawing process quality and it represents an important budget.

Many things can impact your die life : physical and mechanical properties of the drawn material, vibration phenomenon on your machinery, surface cleanliness of your wire, compression rate, appropriate maintenance of your drawing dies.

Among other things, selection of the appropriate lubricant plays a key role. The lubricant should carry out good cooling, reduce friction and provide good lubrication performance in the working area, especially when drawing at high speed.

Condat personnel can help you increase your drawing speed with no impact on die life. We can review specific application information regarding your equipment, and current lubricant(s) being used. By understanding your specifics, Condat specialists can propose the right solutions you need to increase speed without decreasing die life.

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