- Le 04/08/2022

Reduced smoke with CONDAT vegetable cold heading oils

Having problems with smoke from Cold Heading parts in your workshop? Experience a reduced smoke atmosphere using CONDAT vegetable-based cold heading oils.

Discover EXTRUGLISS GREEN products: vegetable based oils that improve productivity and tool life.

Thanks to the high level of lubricity of vegetable base oil (3 times more efficient than standard mineral base oils), EXTRUGLISS GREEN range enables to manufacture very difficult parts while increasing the OEE (efficiency of your machine) and reducing your tooling budget. These oils can be used also for heavy duty forming operations (screw, bolt, nuts and extrusion).

In the video below, see how EXTRUGLISS B68 G, thanks to its high flash point, ensures lower mist and smokes. It offers operators a more friendly working environment.

Icing on the cake, EXTRUGLISS GREEN products are cost effective lubricants as they are dual-purpose oils: they provides both superior lubrication characteristics to your machinery, a lower coefficient of friction, and outstanding lubrication for your cold heading process.
And it also answers the requirements of press manufacturers.

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