- Le 04/08/2022

What does “green” mean to you?

In the machining fluids world, questions often arise about “green” products or “environmentally friendly” products. Questions we get frequently on this topic include:

“Can I put this down the drain?”
“Is this product safe for my employees?”
“Is this product biodegradable?”

No, yes, maybe… depends. These terms all get thrown around loosely and are often misinterpreted or at the very least misconstrued.

For CONDAT, “green” means several things – environmentally responsible, renewable resources, employee safety, and overall product footprint. We’ve taken it a step further with LUBRISCORE, our own internal scoring system that rates a product’s overall impact from manufacturing and raw materials, to employee safety and final disposal.

Our MECAGREEN, NEAT GREEN, and upcoming CONDACOOL products are at the forefront of these industry demands.  Are you ready to reduce your net global impact with more responsible machining fluids?

For more information on environmentally responsible products and LUBRISCORE, contact us.