- Le 30/11/2022

Look at your lubricant labels!

Look at your lubricant labels! Machining soluble oils containing boric acid will experience labeling and handling recommendation updates.

In Europe, the regulation on boric acid classification, labeling and packaging will change from December 17, 2022.

Whereas this substance was considered as a Reproductive Toxic Cat. 1B substance starting 5,5% content by ECHA, the threshold will be lowered to 0.3%. The hazard statement “H361FD – Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child” may be therefore added to your safety data sheet and may also impact the label of the product you are using with the «Exploding chest» hazard pictogram.

For several years, CONDAT has been offering machining soluble oils WITHOUT boric acid and does its best to offer a safer workplace to end users. Our motto : Committed to responsible performance!

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