- Le 22/06/2023

New ! Condacool 220 BBF

Are you looking for an innovative, eco-designed machining lubricant? A product that will also enable you to reduce your consumption? CONDAT has the solution!

CONDACOOL 220 BBF is a machining solution based on a synthetic lubricant and ingredients of renewable origin. Eco-designed, this lubricant protects operators thanks to its boron-free, formaldehyde-free and allergenic bactericide-free formula.

It also has a high detergent power, which limits its carryover onto workpieces and swarf. This soluble machining oil also has excellent resistance to foaming and long-lasting robustness, so your teams can concentrate on producing parts rather than managing cutting fluid baths.

CONDACOOL 220 BBF means :

  • Less foaming
  • Fewer curative treatments
  • Improved release of foreign oils
  • Longer life for your baths
  • Transparent product, clean machine

So if you want to control your costs and reduce your oil consumption, try CONDACOOL 220 BBF.

To find out more, contact our technical experts