Aeronautical machining

Aeronautical machining
Complete range of lubricants intended for the aeronautics market: soluble and neat oils for machining.


The field of aeronautics is one of the most demanding. Environmental and economic challenges must now be added to the technical constraints. To satisfy these requirements, the use of new materials such as titanium,  nickel and aluminium alloys is indispensable.

The arrival of new production technologies has pushed the limits of machining:

  • very high speed spindles
  • high lubrication pressure (300 bar)

The same applies to the lubricants.

To support its customers and the major players in this market, CONDAT has developed a specific family of lubricants guaranteeing very high levels of performance. Aeronautical machining requires the use of both soluble oils and neat oils.


The MECAGREEN range of soluble oils benefits from a lubricating phase formulated from a blend of oils on an esterified base of 100% renewable origin.

They fulfil the latest specifications of the most prestigious constructors:


and can be used for all applications:

  • Structural parts
  • Turbines
  • Landing gear


CONDAT also has a new generation of neat oils for machining, NEAT GREEN.

Combining performance with respect for the environment, these oils allow an increase in productivity while guaranteeing compatibility with all metals: no inter-granular corrosion with titanium and nickel alloys.

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