Le 27/07/2018

Biodegradable lubricants on the right track

At INNOTRANS Berlin in September, CONDAT will share its long term expertise on railway lubrication in Hall 20 Stand 405 and display its new product developments.  Partnered with French railways since 1854 when the company was founded, and more recently with foreign networks, Condat has developed leading edge expertise in this sector, especially in biodegradable lubricants that reduce environmental impact.


For all lubrication applications, whether for local trains, High Speed lines or trams… Condat has the solution.

  • For infrastructure, the range includes greases for track equipment, switch plates, track curves, top of rail …
  • For rolling stock, it includes greases for wheel flanges, brake mechanisms, bogies, axles, coupler screws, sharfs, buffers …

As a developer and producer of lubricants, CONDAT works continuously to meet the technical requirements of well-known contractors (SNCF, DB,…), equipment suppliers (REBS, BIJUR DELIMON) and maintenance operators. It offers solutions to increase the lifetime of your equipment (rails, switch plates…), reduce maintenance work and lube consumption, and even diminish noise disturbance. To decrease the time spent on your greasing operations, the company also proposes suitable spraying equipment together with technical assistance to optimize your maintenance costs. CONDAT privileges above all the spirit of partnership with its customers, and closely accompanies them in the implementation of their lubricant needs.


Forerunner in the development of biodegradable lubricants, CONDAT recommends to its customers the best lubricating solution, in terms of performance, economical and environmental constraints. CONDAT’s R&D laboratories work towards developing formulas fully in line with ultimate health & safety regulations, and with lowest impact on the environment. It offers biodegradable lubricants according to OECD 301B standard, with no hazard sentences on Safety Data Sheets. Among those, discover at INNOTRANS:

  • BIO NATUR WFG 495 : a biodegradable and sprayable grease for on-board systems. This environmentally friendly grease is designed for wheel flange lubrication of railway equipment. It reduces consumption and rail / wheel wear and meets the requirements of spraying equipment suppliers (Bijur Delimon / Rebs)
  • CONDAT BIO SP Evo : a biodegradable and sprayable grease for switch plates lubrication. It allows long lubrication intervals and is approved by SNCF.
  • BIO NATUR CURVE : a biodegradable graphite grease range for rail track curves grade NLGI 00 up to 2. Used on-board or in trackside lubrication systems, BIO NATUR CURVE enables friction and noise reduction. It extends the life time of rails and wheels. It also provides excellent water & UV resistance.

Technical performance and lubricant biodegradability are CONDAT main guidelines for their product development strategy. To know more, contact the CONDAT team.