Le 21/05/2021


Committed for many years to responsible performance, CONDAT is taking the lead by supplying the industry greater readability on its eco-design lubricant offer. Its innovative self-scoring Lubriscore® grants a number of stars to products showing a virtuous profile on life cycle criteria: Raw materials and design / Production / Transport / Use / End of life.


An eco-designed range for wire drawing soaps

As leader on the wire drawing market, CONDAT has also been keen on offering safer lubricants for the wire drawing industry. Being the first lubricants provider to develop, 20 years ago, boron free pre-coatings and calcium and sodium soaps, or even lubricants designed to increase productivity and reduce energy and consumption costs, the company has kept a crucial competitive edge in supplying lubricants providing responsible performance.

As proof, the CONDAT wiredrawing range now has about 40 products that have been rated as eco-designed through the LUBRISCORE®. This is the result of a long-term strategy aiming at improving a product’s footprint.

CONDAT eco-designed lubricants are characterized by several of the following benefits. Careful attention is paid to the key raw materials used in CONDAT product formulas. Indeed, most of the time they are supplied in bulk to limit packaging consumption and reduce waste quantities.

Moreover, in order to protect customers and the environment, CONDAT’s policy is to eliminate CMR raw materials in formulas, and to reduce as much as possible the use of hazardous components. For example, highly efficient soaps and surface treatments have been developed without Borax and TiO2.

To provide the highest performance & productivity, formulation of the product is tailored to each customer’s application to ensure reduction of dust, die wear, lubricant consumption…

Finally, our eco-designed range is also characterized by a reduced production footprint, with lower energy required to manufacture the products (manufacturing temperature and time).

Condat will pursue this goal in the forthcoming years. Its ambition is to extend its eco-designed range with 10 new eco-designed products per year and increase the share of its eco-designed products turnover by 55%, all markets included. To reach this goal, there is a strong commitment from the CONDAT R&D and sales teams.

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