Le 30/08/2022

Eco-designed tail shield sealants

CONDAT shares the conviction that industry can be a wonderful lever of innovation to respond to contemporary challenges: climate change, diminishing resources, pollution… Supporting customers and partners towards responsible performance, that combines social and environmental issues, is a main objective for the company.  That’s why CONDAT has developed its internal rating system to evaluate the degree of eco-design of its products. A score is assigned to each stage of the life cycle (raw materials, production, transport, use, end of life) and all of these scores give the Lubriscore® and an associated number of stars from 0 to 3. The more eco-designed a lubricant is, the higher its number of stars. By choosing a star product, you are opting for an eco-designed alternative.


At WTC 2022 in Copenhagen, CONDAT will display a wide range of new products that have a reduced environmental impact on your underground works. Besides biodegradable foaming agents, greases and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, CONDAT will feature at the show an extended range of tail shield sealants.

The right product at the right time on the right place

For each step of your project, the company is offering very specific tails sealants:

  • For first fill-in & start of the boring : WR90 NewGeneration
  • For pressure from 2 to 5 bars : MI 89
  • For high pressure : WR 89 NewGeneration
  • For easy boring conditions, up to 2 bars : LM 89 / SL 89 NewGeneration
  • If case of water ingress : CONDAT WRS can be used to fix the problem and then WR 21 will secure the TBM progression until the end of the critical pass.
  • For Rock machines with segments : RS 89

You may ask why so many different products? Simply to use the more suitable product for the ground being worked out. With its comprehensive tail sealants range, CONDAT allows you to secure the start of the boring by keeping the brushes intact so that they fully do their job during critical sections. Then, with the other products, you can adapt the sealant to the geology when the conditions are becoming easier or depending on the underground pressure.

This way, you keep your total cost under control: no need to use premium sealants for easy sections, whereas it can be critical to use first-class sealants under very high pressure. Icing on the cake, these products have all a 1 star to 3 stars scoring at the CONDAT Lubriscore, meaning they are all eco-designed!

This commitment to develop new technologies, dedicated solutions and constant products improvement have leaded CONDAT to obtain in 2021 the ECOVADIS Platinum certification for its CSR approach. This result places the company in the top 1% of the best rated companies in the world.

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