Le 20/11/2018


With a philosophy based on innovation and close partnerships with glass manufacturers worldwide, international group CONDAT (headquartered in France) is positioning itself to partner as a viable alternative supplier for all lubricating needs. This challenging position encourages the company to focus on customer demands of increased productivity and their economical constrains, to offer true solutions that move both supplier and manufacture towards the evaluation and use of safe and environmentally friendly products.  With more than 40 years dedicated to the glass industry and over 170 years expertise in lubricant manufacturing production, CONDAT supplies the widest range of lubricants for CONTAINER, FLAT and TABLEWARE glass. Most recently expanding through the acquisition of RENITE in October 2017, CONDAT continues to strengthen its position of as an innovative supplier and becomes a very key player. Let’s review their latest unique offerings.


CONDAT’s company policy is to offer long term lubricant solutions.  Its R&D and engineering teams are researching constantly new formulation solutions to target and drive the industry towards safer and greener products for both the employee and the environment.  Without sacrificing or compromising product  performance.


For the flat glass industry, CONDAT has developed a large range of user-friendly coolants: CONDAGLASS FA. These coolants address the increasing demand for boron free products in flat glass industry. Without mineral oil, they are completely free of hazardous ingredients (DEA, nitrites, formaldehyde-releasing bactericides…). They are not classified as irritating or skin sensitive. The high lubricity properties assures quality grinding and quick removal of fine particles. It also prevents burns and black marks, thus resulting in a smooth and clean surface. CONDAGLASS FA addresses both productivity and quality constraints while still providing an EHS friendly environment for the plant personnel.


With vast experience in grease production, development and research since 1854, CONDAT offers theSWABBING most comprehensive range of swabbing mold solutions for blank, neck ring and blow molds. After the success encountered in 2017 with its innovative sprayable greases for robot swabbing, CONDAT has now dedicated its efforts this year on a brand-new sulfur free lubricant in order to increase the life of the bronze / brass molds and to improve overall glass container quality.  When removed during job changes, molds are now cleaner and have little to no “checks”.  CONDAGLASS 367 SF (Sulfur Free) grease will meet these customer requirements and can result in double the production time of current brass mold.


Besides its large range of processing lubricants for the container glass (shear spray lubricants, scoop & delivery oils, dual-component coating and swabbing compounds), CONDAT also addresses  maintenance needs with high performance lubricants. Thanks to Condat’s many years of expertise in high temperature fluids, used for example in steel & aluminum industries, the company understands the challenges and issues encountered in an extremely hot work environment.

New GLASS HTS 250 IS is a 100% SYNTHETIC OIL dedicated to Central Lubrication of the I.S. Machine with high flash points. Already approved by both glass plants and I.S. machine OEM’s, this lubricant has performed with the following unique benefits:

  • Low evaporation
  • High thermal stability
  • Low oxidation
  • Excellent lubricating properties

In conclusion: lubricant consumption can be reduced up to 50% compared to a standard mineral oil. Completely free of heavy metals, chlorine and solvents, the GLASS HTS 250 IS can also reduce fire risks; it specifically targets keeping your lubricating budget under control with lower cost and emphasizes production floor safety without compromising productivity.  This product is available with a fluorescent dye that reflects easily under a UV light. This allows maintenance to detect machine leaks very quickly and consequently lower lubricant consumption.


With the acquisition of RENITE company in October 2017, CONDAT has again strengthened its position in the glass industry. Thanks to RENITE’s technology and reputation in North America and throughout the world, this acquisition has been a very good opportunity for CONDAT to expand their current business partnerships in this region.

The challenges of this past year have been to restore the direct, on-site customer service support Saline USAregarding any existing and future RENITE opportunities, especially in North America with the help of the local manufacturing support at CONDAT Corp. in Saline, MI.  The team has worked extremely hard on the RENITE manufacturing and production transfer with the main objective on enhancing quality control measures and providing optimum service and delivery.

The results after just one year? This glass lubrication acquisition was a great success. The customers continue to  appreciate the constant quality and high stability of the products produced as well as the customer service and support received by CONDAT group.  CONDAT’s commitment to service, on-site technical support and the high-tech lab has impressed them.

RENITE’s most popular products have thus joined the ranks of the CONDAT products, not without facing some reformulations to meet the CONDAT EHS (Environment, health and safety) standards but also to ease their use in production.


Well-known CHEK-NO-MOR (CNM) is an anti-check compound that eliminates the defects on the glass and ensures perfect releasing of engravings. It is particularly suited for difficult designs and those unique engravings that request high quality lubricants. It has to be used with a “dry swab” on finish molds.  CHEK-NO-MOR reduces or eliminates checks when applied to the bottom plates on I.S. machines. It is especially effective on extremely hot-running equipment and is useful when applied to the area corresponding to the knurled area around the bottom of the bottle.  CONDAT’s R&D team has recently reformulated this product to meet the new productivity requirements with a concentration on improving the cleanliness of the bottles and molds and increasing the lubrication swab frequency. Its thinner consistency reduces consumption, but still remains in place exactly where it is swabbed (tops, bottoms and even shoulders).


RENITE H has been a unique product offering to the CONDAT sulfur-free swabbing compounds fluide noire bisrange. Widely used for brass / bronze molds and especially for tableware, it has been an excellent product with over 20 years of proven success in the market. It is the original scientifically formulated high temperature neck-ring mold swab used around the world for many decades. When applied to a hot metal surface, the graphite boils off cleanly to leave a silvery-black, solid lubricating film. This film reduces friction, prevents hot gobs from sticking, and protects the surface from oxidation.  RENITE H is a sulfur-free compound that is dedicated to address neck-ring challenges.


RENITE S-24 is a coating for lehr mats and belt / cross conveyors, which can help eliminate bottom checks and rust pick-up as the ware travels through the annealing oven. It is also useful as a coating for other areas where the finished ware contacts metal, as on star wheel paddles and transfer

plates. It is an excellent high temperature water-based  lubricant for sprockets, hinge pins, bearings, chains and for high temperature conveyers.  It reduces friction and extends the life of materials.

RENITE S-24 belt coating formula has recently also been improved by the CONDAT R&D team so that now this water-based graphite contains NO ammonia.  Because it is mixed three parts water to          one-part concentrate, most plants are now using only one-two drums annually.

Overall, this acquisition and the newly released product developments have further strengthened CONDAT’s position as a major supplier for glass lubricants.  Its commitment to innovative and “greener” EHS products shows its determination to invest in its core business and thus, offering the glass industry specific choices, improved quality, state-of-the-art innovation, technical laboratory expertise through our worldwide presence.  The primary focus being optimizing customer experience along with providing cost-effective product offerings that partner closely with our customer’s long-term vision.