Le 26/03/2018

Lubricant solutions with technology that cares

With more than 170 years of expertise, and due to the synergies of the CONDAT group’s international structure (4 production units) and technical know-how, CONDAT lubricants are recognized as the global reference for wire drawing markets. CONDAT offers an extensive range covering all industrial lubrication needs in the field of Cold Drawing/Rolling of Wires and Bars/Tubes. Products include non-reactive/reactive coatings, dry powder lubricants, oils, pastes, greases, rust preventatives, and degreasing products.

wire-expoDuring WAI Wire Expo 2018, Condat will introduce its latest products dedicated to saw wire and extra high tensile steelcord wire production. These include:

  • a non-reactive surface coating booster for borax baths,
  • high performance low borax and borax free sodium soap based dry drawing lubricants

These products have been developed for high speed drawing with low lubricant consumption and extended die life.

For CO2 welding wire applications, CONDAT offers a new high end dry drawing lubricant that has provided customers with significant drawing speed gains.

To complement the dry lubricant range, CONDAT will also present a new range of easy to use wet drawing lubricants which offer extended bath life, low foam and simple bath management. Lubricants for aluminum, flux cored, and copper free welding wire are also offered.

For construction applications, such as pre-stressed concrete wire and concrete fiber wire, Condat proposes high performance non-reactive pre-coatings as well as low borax/borax free high speed dry drawing soaps. Also new for 2018 is a lubricant dedicated to cold rolling applications for construction wire, a low consumption, low dust calcium soap which helps protect the wire from corrosion and does not generate fumes during the welding of the wire mesh.

Condat will also present its VICAFIL TFA range of low residue, high lifetime neat oil lubricants for drawing aluminum electrical wire, and its VICAFIL TCU range of concentrated soluble lubricants for drawing copper electrical wire.

With a R&D laboratory of 45 people, and due to its large sales network of agents and distributors with high technical knowledge, CONDAT is ahead of the competition. We offer the wire drawing industry the most efficient lubricant solutions that meet the latest environmental, health & safety regulations.

To know more, meet CONDAT at booth 216 or contact the CONDAT team at inquiries@condatcorp.com.