Le 05/07/2017

New lubricant! Enhanced aluminum drawing

Leader in the mechanical wire drawing market, Condat has earned an international reputation for supplying lubricants to the steel wire industry with its famous brand name VICAFILTM. The company has used its 170 years’ expertise in lubricant technology to develop a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the electrical wire & cable market.

Among a range of neat oils, soluble and vanishing lubricants for this specific market, CONDAT will highlight at Wire South America coming up in October, an innovative and highly performing new lubricant.


Released in May 2016, VICAFIL TFA 1460 has already proven great results for customers drawing aluminum, in particular on drawing from rod to diameters > 1.0 mm. Designed to offer both low residues and extended operating life, its specifically formulated additives package minimizes thermal oxidation and maintains longer lubricant performance. The bath life is increased and thus maintenance costs are reduced. Thanks to its low viscosity, VICAFIL TFA 1460 reduces lubricant consumption whilst offering high lubricity and increased dielife.

Compatible with the insulation process, VICAFIL TFA 1460 also has the advantage of being a chlorine free semi-synthetic lubricant: a step forward to ‘user-friendly lubricants’ and a responsible technology!

Lubricants for tube

The Wire South America/ TUBOTECH show will also be the opportunity to exhibit CONDAT’s specific offer for TUBE DRAWING. The CONDATUB product range covers most tube forming processes from hot forming to cold forming. It has been designed to answer specific issues for all metals (carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys,…) and includes hot forming graphite & ceramics dispersions, non-reactive and reactive drawing soaps, pilger rolling and forming soluble lubricants, neat drawing oils and corrosion inhibitors.

Discover our large range of lubricants on Wire South America/ TUBOTECH booth 514 – A or contact the Condat team at wire@condat.fr.