Le 04/12/2019

Optimize your process costs

With more than 170 years of expertise, and due to the synergies of the CONDAT group’s international structure (4 production units) and technical know-how, CONDAT lubricants are recognized as the global reference for wire drawing. CONDAT offers an extensive range covering all industrial lubrication needs in the field of Cold Drawing/Rolling of Wires and Bars/Tubes. Products include non-reactive coatings, dry lubricants, oils, pastes, greases, rust preventatives, and degreasing products.


Drawing on their huge knowledge and expertise, CONDAT teams define the most appropriate lubricant offer for the customer’s application. CONDAT’s experienced, trained engineers visit the wiredrawing workshop to analyze the various process parameters such as metal to be drawn, surface preparation, die section, number of dies, drawing speed and final application.

This CONDAT methodology enables the selection of a lubricant with a chemistry to complement the application, meaning adherence, fat content, grain size & form, thermal profile and additives of the wire drawing lubricant are optimized. CONDAT’s specific methodology for lubricant selection is applicable for all types of dry drawing lubricants whether pure calcium soap based lubricants, pure sodium soap based lubricants or indeed a mixture of soap types. It is also appropriate for all types of wire preparation and applications, from mechanically descaled low carbon steel wire used for nail production through to acid pickled and coated high carbon wire used for steelcord production. It has also given increased efficiency for stainless steel wire drawing.

The main objective is to reduce the customer’s global costs. By perfectly matching the lubricant to the process, lubricant consumption can be decreased, whilst at the same time maintaining or increasing drawing speed and die lives.


CONDAT has positioned its offer on premium lubricants, so in addition to the reduction of lubricant consumption CONDAT lubricants are also high performing, enabling customers to work at very high speed whilst reducing wire breaks.

CONDAT is committed to supplying the safest possible products. Its R&D laboratory develop products to limit the potential risk to operators and the environment. The CONDAT range includes high performing Borax and TiO2 free lubricants.

CONDAT pellet granules focus


Dust in the workshop is a particular issue, especially in humid working conditions experienced in some parts of Asia. At Wire Southeast Asia in Bangkok, CONDAT will highlight its solutions for limiting dust generation in drawing workshops, such as the use of soap pellets instead of powders. Thanks to the support of its local distributor in Thailand and India, CONDAT is pleased to offer a responsive service with local stock and efficient delivery.


At Wire South America in Sao Paolo, CONDAT will present new products of easy to use wet drawing lubricants which offer high bath lifetime coupled with low foam and simple bath management. Always concerned about the responsiveness of its service, customers and partners can rely on CONDAT DO BRASIL located in Bom Jesus Dos Perdoes with a dedicated team of wire drawing experts.

Always concerned about the responsiveness of its service, customers and partners can rely on CONDAT DO BRASIL located in Bom Jesus Dos Perdoes with a dedicated team of wire drawing experts.

To know more, meet CONDAT at Wire SouthEast Asia booth K08 + Wire America booth 513 or contact the CONDAT team.